Published On: Fri, Apr 22nd, 2022

General Mills plane crash: Massive explosion sends billowing smoke into air | World | News

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According to the agency, the incident happened around 7:05 pm (local time) at the plant located at 15200 Industrial Park Blvd. NE. Pictures from the scene of the crash show heavy smoke, with several tractor trailers damaged.

It is about eight-tenths of a mile southeast of the eastern edge of the runway at Covington Municipal Airport. 

Reporter on the scene Denise Dillon revealed the authorities at Covington said that the plane exploded on impact and no one aboard survived.

She tweeted: “Covington authorities give update on plane crash at General Mills plant. They say the plane exploded on impact. No one aboard survived.”

According to the witnesses, they heard explosions following the crash.

FOX5 said that the authorities say the plane crashed into some trailers at the General Mills facility, after taking off from the Covington airport.

Photos show a plume of thick heavy smoke coming from the plant and several tractor-trailers damaged.

The crash appears to have been outside the plant, but the extent of damage has not been fully assessed.

Captain Ken Malcom with the Covington Police Department told the news agency: “At 6:45 pm, according to the witnesses, a plane took off from the Covington airport, hitted in a north-easterly direction.

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Mr Malcom said: “The FAA is around and will take over the investigation.”

About four trailers which were parked together and believed to be mostly empty caught fire and were damaged after the crash.

He added: “We saw what we believe is a wing and possibly a part of an engine, but again it’s a lot of charred metal back there right now.”

While there are no details about the plane, Mr Malcom said that he believed there were three seats on the plane.

He said: “We are working on the lead to determine who are the victims in this crash. I am not sure about the number of people on the plane.”

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